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 Lynette Zabielo

 Professional Psychic Consultant

Brisbane Psychic: Consultations, Counselling, Astrological Charts

2 Daisy Street  Grange  4051
(07) 3356 0002 or (0418) 871 135

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As one of Australia’s most professional Psychics, Brisbane Psychic, Lynette received acclaim by being the only Brisbane Psychic to be proven “genuine” in a court of law in Australia. Brisbane Psychic, Lynette petitioned parliament to repeal the laws governing genuine psychics and mediums.

Finally After 18 Years Of Submissions The Queensland Laws Were Repealed.

My close proximity to that other world has always been an integral part of my life for I was born gifted with many psychic abilities and special gifts of visualization, my psychic faculties spring into action immediately I receive imprints from the thoughts and emotions of my clients. My antenna absorbs the atmosphere like a sponge to soak up feelings and impressions at an extremely fast pace.


My gifts involve:                                         

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience                                                              
  • X-Ray vision
  • Hyper-sensitivity
  • Psychic medium
  • Predictions for the future
  • Describe events from the past


With a lifetime of experience and research into astrological and emotional behavior patterns, I am recognised as a wise and perspective guide. When looking for direction clients come from all walks of life seeking my clairvoyance, advice and counseling.

From my inspirational psychic insights I address and encourage you to shape your own destiny by providing an awareness of opportunities which can help you to make better decisions and positive changes.

With unique guidance and direction a personal consultation reading will leave you with much to think about!

Some of my outstanding achievements:

  • Resident psychic on regular television and radio programs for over 15 years
  • For 18 years I wrote a weekly syndicated star guide column for Quest Newspapers as well as various other magazines
  • Engrossed audiences at private and public functions with intriguing talks and psychic abilities
  • Stories have been written about me in various Australasian Newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Mail, New Idea and The Sydney Morning Herald
  • By invitation from Queensland University I spoke to the prisoners at a Maximum Security Prison about Spiritual Values, Karma, reincarnation and decision making skills
  • I am the first psychic to have a link up via satellite (courtesy of OTC and ship to shore radio) with a Cray Fishing Trawler in the Torres Strait to address the Captain and crew in regard to the future of the ship and their personal lives
  • I collaborated with Channel 7 providing my psychic insights for a documentary on The Gatton Murders, the murder of three family members which took place on Boxing Day 1898.  100 years on, I visited the grave and murder site in Gatton  where I picked up valuable information which astonished the producer of the program
  • So much more I have achieved over my long and varied career


 “The Only Genuine Psychic For You”