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An Astrological Horoscope entails: 25-30 pages of personal insightful data.  

A horoscope is a map of the position of the planets with reference to the place, date and time of your particular birth. It details what signs the planets are in and what particular house they occupy. Your horoscope will interpret the interconnection of the planets and their aspects and what it means for you. 

The planets in our solar system have certain vibrations which we react to unconsciously, this particular intersection of space and time where the entity comes to birth is rather like a road map which indicates the kind of journey an individual will take through life. However, even though circumstance may come into our life, we as human beings have the ability to make choices and that’s what we live with…. the results of those decisions.

Astrology reveals character: it shows your potentials and tendencies. It can help you to understand yourself and others better.


Thought  for the Month

Description: D:\Lynetttes OLD WEB Site\j0288954.gif March 21 - April 20

Time to make choices choose what you want wholeheartedly, but then if you get it wrong...let the resentments fade away! Resentments only imprison you with self- pity & misery...& an Aries can't be bothered with such restrictions. You like to be joyful & enthusiastic so put a smile on your face & keep looking around for what you would like. A pussy attitude is not for you... Best to slow down, take a breath before rushing into any new situation. Sometimes people lie! A reconciliation may be in the cards but remember when people show you who they are....believe it!

Description: D:\Lynetttes OLD WEB Site\j288954.gif April 21 - May 21

Dreams are ideas of the mind Taurus, it takes action to make dreams come true so best foot forwards & start moving towards your goals. Only you can hold you back. Fear needs to be kicked to the kerb & it may be time to allow Truth to step in the door. Listening to others may not be a great idea this month for often when you do that you fall on your face. Someone seems to be over-indulging in smoking, drugging or drinking may be time to have a good look at how life is progressing & make some hard decisions.

2011-09-06\j288953.gif May 22 - June 21

Love is in the air Gemini...but is it real or false? Time for you to make the right assessment...if you get it wrong & pick the wrong could be sorry And you won't want that! Sometimes we have to give up something we have held precious in order to move along the path. You need to sort out what is right & what is holding you down. It may be time to resurrect your own life & stop depending on those who don't matter. Bad habits are hard to break but when you do make the will feel rather pleased with yourself.

2011-09-06\j288952.gif June 22 - July 23

If you can keep your mind open Cancer this month you may learn a few truths. It is quite amazing how much you can learn when you are willing to listen without judgement. Closing your mind shut like a garage door causes only narrow-mindedness & you won't want to become cynical...would you? Pry open that mind & see the new developments open to you. Life is a wonderful journey...we just need to take a step towards new opportunities. One thing is for sure you will certainly look at things differently...and that is good!

July 24 - August 23

When reality doesn't fit with what you are expecting to occur Leo... You may feel tempted to put the blame on someone else. Before roaring about the mishap, take a breath & get your thoughts into gear then you can open your mouth & say what you think. Just remember that life is a doesn't go your way all the time. You may need to adopt a better attitude even though you may not like the person ...this will make you feel so much better when you select new ways of dealing with a difficult situation. .

2011-09-06\j288950.gif August 24 - September 23

The quality of a relationship is not governed by what your partner does for you but is determined by by how you are feeling each day. Every one has their fair share of dramas but don't let it swamp you when things go astray. If it is working well most of the have nothing to get upset about...but if it is getting you down day by day...then you need to look & see where you want to be 5 years down the track. Happiness is a by-product of living right yourself.

 2011-09-06\j288949.gif  September 24 - October 23

How is it possible to be feeling tranquility & happiness when someone's action are causing too much stress. too much tension in the environment can get a bit stifling so try to work out ways in which you can bring about changes Libra, otherwise you may over-balance. When we accommodate ourselves to other's needs all the time we lose something of our strength . Not a good situation to be in. Tolerance is great but to become too tolerant of someone intolerable...maybe it is time to cast your net upon the atmosphere. Our life is just as precious as someone else's.

2011-09-06\j288948.gif October 24 - November 22

The moment you step outside your comfort zone Scorpio, you know you are taking a risk. Sometimes it is great to help another who is in need but other times we can set ourselves up to be hurt. So take a breath & watch, listen & learn a little more before rushing in. Your independence will take centre stage this month & you may feel a little off if you don't get some recognition . Don't get your feathers ruffled for nothing remains the same your day will come

 2011-09-06\j288947.gif November 23- December 21

Some of you may feel as if you are caught in a web where finances are not working as you thought they would be. Look at the seeds you have planted in this area & if they are not great then get some advice from an expert & redo your sums. Sometimes with better assistance you can turn mistakes into benefits. Just don't go off half cocked, without doing your sums. If you don't feel right with the advice you are given...move on to another consultant.

 2011-09-06\j288946.gif December 22 - January 20

Home is the best place to be when you are feeling a bit down Capricorn. Meditation can lead you out of any conflicts. Stop resisting looking at where you have gone is not the end of the world if you have erred. You may need to find your inner Truth so take ten minutes to contemplate before you tackle what is running riot within. All obligations need to be honoured...& you may need to help someone else to shoulder their load so their problems are lessened. You can give your time willingly...just don't get too involved emotionally...

  2011-09-06\j288945.gif January 21 - February 19

Living in the present is much better for you than thinking about the past Aquarius...that is a broken put it in the bin. Your future is what you should be concentrating upon. Living life is not a is an opportunity so reach out & grasp it with both hands...& break down those boundaries. You could be living with all that over-load from before ...but you are be grateful. Shut your eyes & breath so you can renew your will be exploring new opportunities later get yourself in the right frame of mind so you can accomplish all that you wish to.

February 20 - March 20

You are soon able to take a step down the path to more happiness have put so much on hold but soon you will be planting new seeds & opening yourself to new adventures. Just don't complicate issues or allow fear to stop you from reaching out into the unknown. Unwind & relax...for worry only gives you wrinkles. Remember you could be in the skin of someone who has real problems...yours are not so deadly. So put your glad rags on & get ready for new steps to cross the horizons. Don't ignore career changes


     A Character Analysis  for  ARIES:  

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so I guess it stands to reason that Arian people will be a bit pushy at times. This sign hates to be last. Aries people are a great delight, they are witty, charming and exciting, though in their need to be the centre of attention they do tend to show off a bit.   Rams rush into situations head first,  rush in where angels fear to tread, not thinking of the consequences. Patience is the lesson of life for many.

They need to stand still long enough to carry a job through to completion. Once Aries have found their path and have controlled this excess emotion and energy they can accomplish a great deal.  Being a bit too positive at times, they need to be willing to be quiet and receptive.  Aries is joyous and enthusiastic,  an inspiration to us all. Not subtle or devious, they wake up the environment.  In love they are passionate and go after what they want.

     A  Character  Analysis  for TAURUS: 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac of twelve signs, and associated with the planet of Venus, so those born under the sign of the Bull have a great love of beauty and luxury. The nature of the Bull is firm, persistent, secretive and plodding, it doesn’t mind waiting for the results of their plans to mature. A stubborn attitude drives them onto great heights or sometimes great despair if all that energy becomes misdirected. When provoked, look out! That expression of "bellowing like a bull" is quite apt.

Taurus people are very giving, a great comfort to their friends in time of stress and need. They are very physically minded and passionate. The biggest lesson many Taureans have to learn in a relationship is to know when to let go, for they can stay in a bad relationship far too long, thinking that it will change or that this relationship is better than none at all.

     A Character Analysis  for  GEMINI: 

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac. It is a masculine, positive air sign, it's planetary ruler is Mercury and is described as curious, intellectual and communicative. They love variety, do twenty things at once and constantly change their minds. They hate boredom.  As a great communicator, they make the best sales people. Put a phone in their hands and watch them charm the birds out of the trees. Often holding down more than one job at a time, they can be known as the "Jack of all trades".   

 In love, this Mercury child is a scallywag, liking variety they could carry on more than one relationship at a time. Some may feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Needing to feel free in a relationship, their motto would be: "don't fence me in".  The soul lesson for Gemini is learning to choose which is the best path to take. Pain will teach them how to use their enormous reasoning powers wisely.

    A Character Analysis  for  CANCER: 

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is associated with the moon. It is a cardinal, water sign and is symbolized by the breasts. The crab carries its house on its back moving through life in a curious fashion, zigzagging its way around, complaining and yet never really understanding itself. Their life is forever up and then down. Cancerians are subject to various moods, a sign that tends to worry and brood far too much and too often.

Cancer is not an overly aggressive sign, but attack a loved one, then you'll see the action begin. The crab is very complex, they think with an intensity of emotion and are quite vulnerable, they can be very sexy and erotic. In business they’re willing to take risks, however there is always a little money tucked away for emergencies. Cancerians need to find a refuge within their mind and heart, to let go of fears, and create a special magical place whenever they won’t feel battered by any inharmonious influence.

    A Character Analysis  for  LEO: 

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, those born under this light of generosity and talent represent man's attempt at self-expression. This fifth sign of the zodiac is rather set in its approach to life, they think things through thoroughly but once they come to a conclusion then there is no holding them back.

When under pressure or upset, the Leo roars and growls.  Pride on occasion has stunted the growth of many a Lion. Dramatic and creative they think big, investing a great deal of energy in their inspirations to make them a reality. Disliking all the insignificant preparation they like to delegate that work to others and use their organizing ability to get a project off the ground and will be contented until the next challenge comes along. Leo is rather complicated, even demanding on occasions, but at their best, they are generous, affectionate, romantic, cheerful and optimistic, bringing much sunshine and strength into other people's lives. However, when angered or challenged, Leo mounts his throne, roars loudly and attacks without warning, going straight for the jugular.

     A Character Analysis  for VIRGO: 

Virgo is placed sixth in the zodiac and symbolizes a desire for perfection and purity. The emblem describes a virgin with sheaves of wheat in her hands, representing how wisdom is the harvest that people gain through their experiences in life. Those born under this feminine, negative influence are here to gain knowledge and experience through their minds. Virgo is an earth sign, so their life is consumed by their work as well as their need to be of service, however since Mercury is their ruler they are forever seeking knowledge. Being a mutable sign it is adaptable and flexible nevertheless it becomes restless when it cannot grow or create or feel inspiration of some sort.

Some Virgo's are meticulous, liking to do everything carefully and methodically, driving everyone mad in their attempt at perfection. This type of Virgoan likes to bring order out of chaos, however, there are those who are just the opposite. They are untidy, late, disheveled, nevertheless, talk to them for a short time, you'll soon see that analytical mind come to life. Virgo is here to calculate, analyse, sort out and categorize, with their excellent mind along with their willingness to serve others, this sign is surely well on the way to spiritual growth. 

   A Character Analysis  for LIBRA:

Venus is the planet that rules Libra, so naturally these people have much charm and grace. Since Venus usually gives good features as well as beautiful body, many born under this sign are usually attractive people. However on occasions, I have noticed many of the cardinal signs, which includes Libra have acute acne or skin problems.

Librans are romantic and sentimental, enjoying companionship, they can easily tune into the feelings of others, in a personal relationship they like to form a very close bond, however they will not tolerate any unfair play in romance.  Indecision is one of the hardest problems for this sign to overcome, if they deliberate for too long, they could miss the boat.  Librans instinctively realize that all life is interrelated, that all living depends upon the well-being of each person, yet knows how difficult it is to set the record straight with one's inadequacies. Loneliness tests their inner strength and integrity, Libran souls need to raise above all this conflict, to withdraw into quiet times and reach an understanding for peace. To be true to oneself, and as they evolve, they can take on the role of peacemaker, their perception and wisdom helps their fellow man in making sagacious decisions.

   A Character Analysis  for  SCORPIO: 

Scorpio is born under the eighth zodiacal sign and is associated with the planets Pluto and Mars, both ego-orientated planets. Pluto rules the Underworld while Mars is the God of War. Scorpio is the least understood of all the signs. It is feminine so has tremendous emotional drives which need to be controlled. The glyph for this sign resembles the legs and tail of a Scorpion. This extremely savage creature hides in the dark and is reputed to have a destructive sting that will strike when least expected. When out of control Scorpio can be possessive and violent. Some say Scorpio is also represented by the Eagle which symbolizes the power within man to rise above his lower nature to be transformed spiritually. The mystic life forces, including birth, sex, death and rebirth with its transformation have always been associated with the sign Scorpio.

Scorpio, being a fixed water sign has much to do with power, will and transformation, it has a focused direction or purpose. There is always some goal to strive for.

Slowly and resolutely they move along their course, and if for one reason or another, the course gets blocked, they will move around the obstacle, or go through it, or wear it away or simply destroy it. This personality will be involved in many a battle with their soul, so their path is never an easy one as they face many self-created obstacles. In love they are cautious, sitting and watching for quite a while before making a move. They can be passionate but often extremely jealous.

  A Character Analysis for  SAGITTARIUS:   

Sagittarius is born under the ninth zodiacal sign and is associated with the planet Jupiter. Therefore they are the lucky sign, whatever the circumstances they find themselves in, they often land on their feet! Sagittarius has a reputation for putting its foot in its mouth by sometimes being a bit too honest.  Without thinking, they can blurt out whatever comes into their mind. This immaturity or over enthusiasm often leads the Sagittarian to release their arrows at the wrong time.

Open-minded, this energetic sign looks around for ways to improve their thinking or way of life. Guided by an inner perception they have an urge to explore anything new.  Sagittarians are the wanders of the zodiac, yet must learn to utilize and distribute their understanding wisely.  In love, they love being in love, it is difficult for them to remain tied down to one particular person, they love the flirtation and game playing. Their staying power is limited. Only when they can aspire to philosophical ideals, can they be guided to make wise and just decisions.  

  A Character Analysis for CAPRICORN: 

Capricorn, a feminine Earth sign is cardinal and ruled by the planet Saturn. It is placed tenth in zodiacal order and in modern astrology is symbolised by the goat. The ancient astrologers portrayed this sign as half goat and half fish, signifying that here is a self- denying animal. This sign can be one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac, fighting for top place in any situation against any of the heavies, including Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. 

One of their strong points is their diplomacy, they know when to say something and when to shut their mouth. The goat is no fool! They watch, learn and then act. They sweat and plan, knowing exactly what they want as they diligently work for tomorrow. Remember this is Saturn's child so insecurities need to be overcome and a letting  go of their abuses or phobias, otherwise they can end up with addictive personalities. Helping them to survive is their weird sense of humor. It is their safety valve. With close associates, they will let down their barriers, entertaining their friends with their sharp wit and grotty sense of humor. Capricorns have discovered that personal discipline and hard work will take them to the top of that craggy mountain, for they have discovered that Selflessness is the key to transformation.

    A Character Analysis for AQUARIUS: 

Individuals born under this fixed Air sign are ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn. Their symbol is the Water Bearer and represents how knowledge or intuition is poured out upon the world, while their glyph symbolizes the waves of water or electricity. Aquarians need to learn to control their energies for their temperament can be erratic or eccentric on the odd occasion.  Determined and stubborn, the only time they will back down is for a much loftier cause. Even though they demand freedom to do things their way, they intuitively know that much can be achieved by all working together.

Aquarians believe in equality for all people regardless of their station in life and are at their happiest fighting for some principle or another. These reformers in society work towards a better place for the whole community, but don’t like to fit into any set pattern. Aquarians are friendly, but not too friendly. Their personal freedom is very important, yet they can be very possessive of loved ones. You’ll find them bright and breezy until upset, then that breeze turns into a gale, destroying everything in its path. When they use their intuition along with the ability to face the truth, then they can walk from the shadows of ignorance to reap their reward.

    A Character Analysis for PISCES: 

Pisces is the twelve sign of the zodiac, it is mutable and a water sign, so is versatile and emotional. The glyph symbolizes two fish bound together by a cord of limitation. One fish represents the personality while the other represents the soul, each fish trying to swim in the opposite direction, a struggle which causes insecurity and indecisiveness. Two paths open for this elusive sign, one is about self-denial and attainment while the other road of excesses leads to self- destruction.

Pisces, an extremely sensitive sign is responsive to other people's thoughts and feelings, unconsciously they absorb the emotions and thinking of whatever is in the atmosphere.  Not having a strong will power they are easily influenced by others until they learn to stand up for themselves. It isn't really a deceitful sign, but when there is trouble it just needs to escape. Pisces can be emotional, impressive and creative. Their see-saw emotions need to be brought under control, otherwise they will end up miserable. Self-sacrificing in love can only lead down one pathway and that's to resentment. Controlling the restlessness is the first step to calmness.


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