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Short Interview With Steve Behnke (Historical Researcher)

At the outset, Lynette stresses "That a psychic and/or clairvoyant cannot rewrite destiny for anybody; common sense will tell you that if psychics and/or clairvoyants could manipulate destiny they would all be instant lottery millionaires!."

Leading Brisbane Psychic Lynette Zabielo, believes that each person has their own values, hopes and dreams that need to be addressed.

No matter what situation a person has, each client has a reason for coming to see Lynette Zabielo, a Leading Brisbane Psychic Consultant.

Over the years Leading Brisbane Psychic Lynette Zabielo has forecast and warned clients to take precautions against personal peril.

Lynette often says, “Best to come before the problem rather than after!!”

Leading Brisbane Psychic Lynette Zabielo can tell you if you are safe or not, whether you may have to face danger in travelling overseas, in a bad relationship, riding a motor cycle or driving a vehicle. Better to be safe than sorry!!

Listening to love life problems is all part and parcel of her work. It’s quite common at the commencement of a love affair for people to become too immersed, and then later on feel dissatisfied by the unsympathetic attitudes from those they have committed to. When those feelings of nearness and joy disappear, they can get mighty upset. Trying to keep a clear perspective to the relationship is easier said than done.

Throughout life, all manner of glitches can occur. Complications at work, business hassles, partnership struggles, financial difficulties, that is why many career oriented clients are eager for Leading Brisbane Psychic Lynette Zabielo, to share her psychic and clairvoyant insights on new upcoming possibilities as she guides you through the hurdles at work or business. “Better to come before the problem rather than later”, she often says.

In a number of households three generations of relatives trust her psychic and clairvoyant abilities to guide them through the potholes of their living. Whenever there is a dilemma the first name that enters into their head is “Lynette! I need to see what she says; she’ll help me to sort it out!”

For her, her clients are like her children. In attempting to guide them, discussions can get relatively serious as she digs deep to get to the truth.

While emphasising opportunities for personal growth, she hopefully provides wisdom for them to take away and to put into practice. To these people, she is no stranger, she’s the one clairvoyant they talk to, an outsider they can unburden to, a woman they can trust to confide their innermost feelings and fears. However, she does not assume to have all the answers; she knows she is not God, the central theme of her qualifications is to share the wisdom gained from her own experiences with what she sees, feels and hears.

To grow in strength and wisdom, we all need a little help from the Spirit, at times we may even need a shove in the right direction, but we should always remember that we are the guardians of our own soul.

Another question frequently asked of her is, “Can we change our destiny”? “Is destiny pre-ordained”? Well, she believes that life and providence are pretty much planned to a certain extent, long before we come on this earth plane. But what makes us distinctive is our ability to make decisions, which influence the outcome of our fate.

One of her clients proved to her that by making a right decision, we could avoid a disaster. She was a woman involved in a very messy relationship with a chap who, when upset could turn violent. Confused she was very unsure of where this liaison was heading.

Lynette remembers telling her, “You’ll go back to him, I can see more violence coming up, so whatever you do, don’t go out on the balcony!”

She inquired what Lynette meant but was told, “I don’t know! Just heed my clairvoyant warning!” It wasn’t too long after that when she received a phone call informing her that she had visited him in his unit.

She said, “We’d had a vicious argument. He screamed at me, calling me all the names under the sun, and then, Lynette, a funny thing happened, he yelled at me to get out on the balcony. Your words flashed back into my mind, so I picked up my purse and left the unit.”

Now who knows what would have happened if she had stayed?

Let Leading Brisbane Psychic/Clairvoyant Lynette Zabielo help you to grow in strength and wisdom, she can give you a shove in the right direction.

 “The Only Genuine Psychic For You”