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 Lynette Zabielo

 Professional Psychic Consultant

Brisbane Psychic: Consultations, Counselling, Astrological Charts

2 Daisy Street  Grange  4051
(07) 3356 0002 or (0418) 871 135

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Book your time for a phone reading by calling Lynette Zabielo on 

(07)3356 0002  or  (0418) 871 135

Using all my sensitive psychic gifts I connect to you telepathically for a phone consultation.  This is similar to a private consultation where you can ask questions in relation to your life situation and what is troubling you.
  • I will need your date of birth (time & place if you have it)

  • I also utilise the cards and astrology to predict certain happenings & events

Check out your loved ones & see what’s going to happen in their future.

Please phone for terms and conditions.




 “The Only Genuine Psychic For You”