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Countless people have sent cards or phoned to thank me for their reading.

Having selected a few testimonies for you to read, I hope they will substantiate the genuineness of my calling and help in your decision to make an appointment with me.


 Jackie M. from Brisbane

“ I love to visit Lynette and always have a good laugh with her. Lynette gives me hope. I started visiting Lynette when the chips were down & always left in a better state of mind and perspective – there was hope! Things that were happening in my life started to make sense. No prescriptions required!!

The first time I met Lynette she could see me having trouble with a door handle. I went out to my car & couldn’t open the driver’s side door! I had no trouble with doors previously.

When I was looking for work, Lynette predicted I would have a job travelling and doing lots of  flying. I thought this was really far-fetched at the time and sounded wonderful. I was a mother of 2 small children working in a service industry. A few years later I listened to the tape recording made at the reading & it had all come true. I had an interesting job & yes I was flying all over Australia.

The number of times Lynette has made predictions which have come true is amazing! Whether it is the announcement of a wedding, travelling to a wedding, hearing of a pregnancy, going on a holiday, hearing someone has had a money windfall or attending a celebration party…all things to look forward to.  She is always spot on with political election results.

I lost a set of keys recently, but felt they weren’t completely lost. I asked Lynette for help. She could see me putting them inside something. They turned up a day or two later. I had put them in in a large envelope with documents I was posting to Toowoomba.

She has prepared me for deaths of loved ones. Sometimes they were sudden, I usually could never guess correctly – it was not always the elderly relative.  She has predicted me hearing of illnesses suffered by friends & loved ones & whether ot not it would be OK,  sometimes given me an insight which has helped my friends. Warned me to take care around certain not-so-truthful people, reassured me or prompted me to act based on what I was thinking at the time.

When my husband  and mother passed over, Lynette was able to identify what went wrong, and to reassure me that they were not too far away at the time, and explained what happens when people pass over.  I stopped crying and felt at peace.

Lynette even mentions names of friends and other relatives – people I have never mentioned to her before.

I am grateful to have met Lynette and a number of my friends now also enjoy her worldly wisdom and insights.   

Thank you …Jackie M. of Brisbane.

Beryl at 40 found love

“Thank you Lynette! I would have given up hope if you hadn’t told me to put that advertisement in the paper that day. Steven answered the ad. and we are now happily married’’ …Beryl  from

Algester, Brisbane.

Lost Dog. 

“Dear Lynette, We got our little white dog back. She had been picked up by an elderly man who lived near water. We saw the water tower near by. The house was old, with a broken fence, sheds down the back and a goat in the back yard, exactly as you said. We did need to go to the police but it all turned out good.”…   Marla from Scarborough.

The Shallot Picker Who Lost her Rings.

“I was amazed when I rushed home, Lynette for there was the chest of drawers with 2 little drawers up the top. On the top of the chest was a doily, and wrapped up in a cloth were my rings. I was overjoyed. You were so correct in your description of where I had placed my jewellery.” …Tanya from Dalby

Deceased Brother Who Came Through for his Sister.

“I know you let the reading go overtime Lynette and I am so happy Roger came through for me. I listen to my tape and those wonderful feelings keep coming back. You kept mentioning the name Steven, he had been confirmed a short time before he died and that was his confirmation name. Thank you.”  …..Caroline  

 Plane Trip to Japan.

“Dear Lynette, You warned me about trouble with the brakes or tyres of a plane when going to Japan. The tyre blew just as we were landing in Tokyo. The plane swung from 12o’clock to 3o’clock in an instant until the pilot was able to right it. You told me it would be okay and it was, even if I was scared stiff.” …Robbie from Bryon Bay.  


 “The Only Genuine Psychic For You”